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Daring to Ask for More - Melody Mason

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This is a must book if you want your prayer life to come alive.  Read amazing stories how prayer changes lives, changes paths, and read how almost unbelievable happenings come to pass.  

Daring to Ask for More will expand your faith while giving you a down-to earth practical approach to prayer based on God's Word.  At the same time it will help you to recognise the dangers of counterfeit forms of prayer so you can avoid being swept away by deception in these last days.  If you struggle with your prayer life, or just want to learn how to go deeper with God on a more intimate level, you will have chosen an excellent book to help you reach this goal. (Ivor Myers Power of the Lamb Ministires)

God longs for us to pray large, much larger than we do.  In Daring to Ask For More, Melody Mason has shone the light of God's Word on the parth to true revival - Holy Spirit inspired, daring, audacious prayer.  I know this book will be a tremndous blessing to many.
(Doug Bathchelor, Amazing Facts.)



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