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From City to County Living Arthur L. White & E.A. Sutherland


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This is a sequel book to the classic "Country Living" by Ellen G. White. From City to Country Living is by Aurthur L. White & A.E.Sutherland.  First released in 1950, this booklet has been expanded and updated.  The publisher has made it availabe once again because of the continuing demand 

"In the days before the Flood every kind of amusement was invented to lead men and women to forgetfullness and sin.  Today.... Satan is working with intensity that the same conditions of evil shall prevail and the earth is becoming corrupt.  Religious libery will be little respected by professing Christians, for many of them have no understanding of spiritual things.... At such a time as this, the people who are seeking to keep the commandments fo God should look for retired places away from the cities.  Some must remain in the citites to give the last note of warning, but this will become more and more dangerous to do"    Ellen G,. White Manuscript 85, 1908.

Most of us will readily concede that Ellen White penned excellent advice in those sentances.  But how do we... people who have grown accustomed to city living, with all its conveniences... make that transition?  It's not easy to pull up roots and move.  It's not easy to lay aside one lifestyle in exchange for another.  From City top Country Living not only encourages us to comply with the inspired counsel, but also offers helpful tips from two men who have greatly enjoyed the boon of country living and they prove that Country living really does work!

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