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Forever a Family (6 CD SET) by Tom & Alane Waters

Can it be "forever a family"? What a joyous thought! Yes, this is God's plan. Not a family scarred and broken with divorce, or teen rebellion leading to premature, unwise marriages.

    Families can live happily in Christ even in this degenerate age! Families can go through the God-ordained transitions of this life and remain faithful to Him: "forever a family" here, and part of His eternal family forever there!

Message titles:
CD 1. A Well-Ordered Family
CD 2. Dynamic Family Communication
CD 3. Highlights of Motherhood
CD 4. Youth Challenges
CD 5. Learning the Language of Heaven
                                                                                        CD 6. Eternal Realities





Reestabling Marriage 2 DVD Set

God intended marriage to be so much more than we have come to expect! We have unwittingly allowed our marriages to be robbed of the deep and intimate joy God intended for us. 
Paul and Carolyn seek to bring us back to God’s ideal for marriage by reminding us of the joy of Christian romance. They also address how to manage money within the marriage and give a real life example of how to resolve disagreements that will encourage you as you seek to experience the marriage relationship God intended you to have.

DVD 1. Restablishing Reality -  RestablishingRomance

DVD 2. Restablishing Resources - Restablishing Reasoning








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