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Sanctuary Study Guide - for children


Product Information

This Study Guide is a complet study on the Sanctuary by Elder Noel Chitate.  This is a most excellent Study on the Sanctuary, aimed at children.  But it can be studied by us all as it gives us simple understanding of the Sanctuary itself and its services. A study for us all, young or old.
Many colourful illustrations throughout.

Table of Contents are as follows:

Key Scriptures to the study
Introduction to His Sanctuary
From Eden Lost to Paradise regained
His Sanctuary in Heaven
Human Body - His important Sanctuary
He who dwells in the Sanctuary
Seven Ministry points in His Sanctuary
His offerings and sacrifices
Feasting in the Sanctuary
Ministering in the Sanctuary
Jubilee in His Sanctuary
Seven pillars of His bride
Quizzies, Bible Crosswords, Word Scramble
Answers to some quizzies

References and bibliography

Product Code: SANN6TMZ93

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