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Sowing the Seed by Matt Para (4 DVD set)


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Sowing the seed, is it more than just telling others of Christ? In our journey to walk and grow with God, we must discover our value in and to Him. Do you know your value in Christ? At some point you will be tested to stand alone for Christ when others will not. Do you think you will stand? When others are choosing to date anyone, will you stand for God’s principles and choose to discover the person that God has chosen for you, His way? Matt Parra reveals the answers to these questions through the power of God’s Word. He shares how sowing the seed is not only sharing the truth but living the truth. These powerful messages will touch and change your heart.

This event was organized and run by Youth For All, a ministry organized by youth to reach the youth of today for God. Please support the youth to finish God’s work!!! 

Message Titles
DVD1    1. Sowing the Seed
            2. Why Me?
DVD 2   3. Infinite Price
            4. Pilate’s Dilemma
DVD 3   5. Relationship Part 1
            6. Relationship Part 2
            7. Will You Finish the Work?
DVD 4   8. Sabbath Morning Worship
            9. Sabbath Morning Worship
          10. Sabbath Morning Worship
          11. Testimony -Aldert Kooijmanc


Product Code: SOWR27

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