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The Christian's Journey to Eternity Booklet


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The Christian's Journey to Eternity Booklet is offered FREE.  

In the culmination of this great controversy here on this earth the test for us, God's people, will be on the Law of God.  Whether we will keep His Commandments or the dictates of men, this will be our test.  God will, by His grace through His people, show to the world and the universe that His Law is perfect and immutable.  The main point of contention for God's people in these last days will be on the fourth commandment, the Seventh-day Sabbath.  Will we, because of our love for God and His Law obey His Seventh-day Sabbath and keep it holy and give the last warning message to the world, or will we obey the dictates of man and Satan and receive the Mark of the Beast and be lost for eternity? 

As we read through this booklet we hope to show you the journey we Christians will have to go through before we will see Jesus in the clouds of heaven.  To know what is to happen beforehand will give us the opportunity, by God's grace, to prepare ourselves for the crisis ahead.

Send for one free and then if you want to hold group studies then we can send you more.  These are offered free, but donations would be appreciated.

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