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This set of DVDs was recorded at the UK Family Retreat, at Cefn Lea Park, Wales, 27th April - 1st May 2107.


UK Family Retreat 2017 with the theme TRUTH WILL TRIUMPH was the  9th Retreat to be held at Cefn Lea Park Newtown Wales.  With over 230 people attending and more on Sabbath. It was the biggest and best that Ministry Helps had organised. Speakers Tom & Alane Waters and Paul, Carolyn, Hannah & Caleb Rayne came from Restoration International USA. Also Marc Naiken from Modes Vivendi Learning Centre UK.

   Each presentation was preceded by a children’s song service, special music by various families and many prayers.

   Thursday evening Tom & Alane presented TRUTH OR TRENDING? Friday  morning Carolyn  presented  FAITH OR FEAR? Then the first of the adult breakouts was held.

   Friday afternoon was a exhilarating climb up a nearby hill by over 100 parents and children. Friday evening saw Paul and Carolyn present WHAT DID YOU SAY?

   Sabbath Tom & Alane started the day with TIMELESS TRUTH and ended the day with ADORE AND ADMIRE. Divine service by Paul with TRUTH WILL TRIUMPH. Hannah & Caleb did AYS WHO LEFT THE BACK DOOR OPEN?

   Sunday morning Paul & Carolyn presented SEIZE THE MOMENTS. Then the second of the adult beak out sessions. Sunday afternoon there was a lively  Restoration International FAMILY PANEL with Rose & Ismael facilitating.

   Monday  morning  the  Retreat  was  ended  by  Marc  Naiken  WILL TRUTH TRIUMPH IN OUR CHILDREN?  

 Please watch and share these DVDs. Hope to see you 3rd–7th May 2018

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