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Child Guidance (12 CD Set)


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The whole of this audio book has been read by Gabrielle Shaw and is now on CD. The chapters have been broken up into tracks, so you can return quickly and easily to the place where you last finished listening.

This timeless volume covers the essentials of parenting, with chapters focusing on purity, cheerfulness, self-control, reverence, honesty and more.  Even the most difficult child will profit from the gentle but firm guidance recommended.

“Light has been shining from the Word of God and the testimonies of His Spirit so that none need err in regard to their duty.  God requires parents to bring up their children to know Him and to respect His claims; they are to train their little ones, as the younger members of the Lord's family, to have beautiful characters and lovely tempers that they may be fitted to shine in the heavenly courts.  By neglecting their duty and indulging their children in wrong, parents close to them the gates of the city of God.  These facts must be pressed home upon parents; they must arouse and take up their long-neglected work.”

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