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Steps to Personal Revival
Being filled with the Holy Spirit

What did Jesus teach about the Holy Spirit? Is there a spiritual cause to our problems? Is the cause a lack of the Holy Spirit? How can we grow to be happy and strong Christians? How can the Holy Spirit fill our lives today? In this inspiring book, Helmut Haubeil answers some of these important questions and much more. This book is already translated into 28 languages and is sure to change your life as it has many others!

Abide in Jesus
In Luke 11:9-13 Jesus urges us to:  Pray for the Holy Ghost! In John 15:1-11 He calls us to: Remain in me and I in you! A life with Christ in our hearts through the Holy Ghost leads to a fulfilled, productive and victorious life here and for eternity. This is the topic of this booklet. It is also a sequel to the booklet “Steps to Personal Revival”.



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