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My Forever Friend Mega Book


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This Mega book comes from Family Home Christian Books.

The friends our children choose will do much to determine their characters and their futures.  These is one Friend your children will love to know in both this life and in the one beyond - their Forever Friend, Jesus.

In this book you will read about some of the amazing things Jesus did while He lived on this earth - healing a paralysed man, stopping a storm, feeding thousands of people with one boy's lunch and even rasied a dead girl back to life.

You can help introoduce your children to the most important Friend they will ever have.  Even though Jesus in back in heaven now, He still wants to be their Friend, your Friend.  He wants to share His incredible power with us and live forever with us in  a perfect new world.

So open this book.  Introduce your children to their new Forever Friend.

Product Code: MY SDB8A63

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