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Steps to Personal Revival - Series 1 - FOR UK ONLY - Helmut Haubeil


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THESE BOOKS ARE OFFERED FREE FOR UK ADDRESS ONLY   -   Order one for yOurself and when yoU have read It, order more to share -  MAXIMIM 4

We have received such a blessing from this book, we are giving one away to each customer.  Please read and share and if you feel impressed make a donation to Ministry Helps so we can buy more of these books.  Thank you.

This book has the power to change your life.  It is full of Bible and Spirit of Prophecy quotes and testimonies of so many people that lives have been changed through the reading of this book.  Find out how to have complete surrender, be filled with the Holy Ghost and live victoriously here and now.  Find out if you are a natural man, spiritual or carnal.  How to pray with promises and experience wonderful answers to prayer and feel the changes in your life bringing you closer to your Lord and Savious and to everyone around.  One of the most inspiring books that we have ever read.  Jack & Joy Rayne

Do you want your area to grow spiritually and numerically? But is this really possible today? Yes, it is definitely possible. How?

This is a letter sent by Dwight Nelson

How “Steps to Personal Revival” has Changed my Life Testimony by Dwight Nelson

Last August a young man at the British Columbia camp meeting, where I was preaching, gave me a book. I’d never seen the book before nor had I ever heard of the author—but the man told me there were over 600,000 copies of the book circulating the world in 29 languages. Little did I know this short book would end up dramatically changing my life—the way I prayed, the way I preached, the way I related to others—it has changed my ministry.

Because in all my years of schooling, of preaching and teaching, nobody ever told me or taught me that the Bible and Ellen White teach us to DAILY petition God for a fresh baptism of the Holy Spirit. How could I have gone this far through pastoring and preaching and never learned so compelling a truth!

But that’s what Helmut Haubeil’s book Steps to Personal Revival has taught me. By the time I returned home from that camp meeting I had read the book—in fact I have now read it four times. And my life is changed—you can ask the woman I live with and the people I pastor.

For years I have preached on the outpouring of the Holy Spirit—series of sermons on this vital theme. But now I’ve discovered a way to meet with Jesus every morning and do just as He did every morning with the Father—ask for a fresh baptism of His Spirit.

Humbly I testify that God has raised the bar on my prayer life. I used to spend much time in the Word and a comparatively short time in actual prayer. Now my practice is reversed—I spend much time on my knees in my early morning prayer closet in communion with God and then turn to His Word for His communication with me.

My preaching is experiencing a new freedom and intensity. My leadership with my team and my people has been raised to another level. Suddenly coincidences (what one writer calls synchronicity) are multiplying—it’s as if someone is orchestrating my days and nights, my “chance” meetings and emails and conversations. It’s as if the Holy Spirit is personally directing my waking hours (even my sleeping ones). In fact, I’ve come to know Him as a very personal and truly dear Friend.

Why am I telling you this? I have nothing to gain from this testimony—but I am deeply convicted that you do. Jesus is coming soon. We still have a world, an entire generation, to reach with the everlasting gospel. We simply cannot accomplish that mission on our own. Our only hope is to learn what Jesus knew, to practice what Paul and the first disciples lived. We must have the DAILY baptism of the Holy Spirit upon our lives and ministry. And the only way we will have it is if we humbly daily ask for it.

“What you intend, you will not succeed by the power 
of an army and not by human power: 
No, my spirit will effect it! 
I promise, the LORD Almighty God.” 
(Zech.4:6 HFA)

How is this supposed to happen? I think we all still have to learn here. Do we also want to learn from the experiences of others? I'm convinced of it. May the Lord show us all the entire way through his Spirit.

The shared experiences through “Steps to Personal Revival” show that this booklet can be of valuable assistance. But spiritual and numerical growth requires more than just reading a booklet once or distributing it. It needs your heart’s involvement. I dare say: Your area will only go as far as you go. No one can guide another unless he himself has gone on the path before. Our lives, our prayers, our testimonies, our conversations, our influence and our sermons will be used by God. In fact, multiple reading seems to be a key: Educational research has shown that it is necessary to read such a crucial theme for our lives six to ten times before you understand it thoroughly. Try it at least once. The result will convince you.

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