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The Work the Lies Nearest (6 CD Set)

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Speakers; The Waters Family

Jesus says, "Without Me ye can do nothing." We know He said it; we believe it is true; but has it become our daily experience? What does it mean to "sell all" that we might possess the treasure of the Gospel?

Do you ever struggle with "the right use of the will?" (If there is a "right use", there must be a wrong use.) Are your children involved in all the daily needs of the home? Are home duties done with diligence, perseverance and a cheerful attitude? Are there simple, yet practical ways that we can make Sabbath such a delight that each of us will look forward to it as the highlight of the week? “There is a way that seemeth right unto a man..."  Can we know for sure that the course we are on is a safe one?

Find personal, practical principles that answer these and more questions as you earnestly contemplate "The Work that Lies Nearest.”

Message titles:
CD 1. "My Need of a Saviour"  -  Alane
CD 2. "Hidden Treasure—Do I Possess It?"  - Tom
CD 3. "My Son Give Me Thine Heart" - Tom
CD 4. "Children in the Home" - Allison, Emily & Josiah
CD 5. "Making Sabbath A Delight" - Whole Family
CD 6. "Our Only Safe Course"  - Tom & Alane

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